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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives.\n\nWatch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon weeknights at 11:35/10:35c.\n\nThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is available now on Peacock, the new streaming service from NBCUniversal. Watch thousands of hours of hit movies and shows, plus daily news, sports, and pop culture updates. Stream now on Peacock:


2:18Rico Nasty: OHFR?
Rico Nasty: OHFR?Ganger 36 k2 dager siden
7:46Hey Robot with Anthony Mackie
Hey Robot with Anthony MackieGanger 44 k2 dager siden
4:20Hashtags: #DescribeATVShowBadly
Hashtags: #DescribeATVShowBadlyGanger 108 k2 dager siden
4:15Jacob Collier ft. Mahalia: All I Need
Jacob Collier ft. Mahalia: All I NeedGanger 164 k3 dager siden
9:01Riz Ahmed Clears Up Secret Wedding Rumors
3:13Picture This: Barack Obama, Donald Trump
4:13Jazmine Sullivan: Girl Like Me
Jazmine Sullivan: Girl Like MeGanger 78 k4 dager siden
8:22Anne Hathaway Has Regrets About Her Name
3:43Old Dominion: Never Be Sorry
Old Dominion: Never Be SorryGanger 34 k5 dager siden
3:04Go On, Git: Roomba, Breaking News
Go On, Git: Roomba, Breaking NewsGanger 74 k5 dager siden
3:47Mark Normand Stand-Up
Mark Normand Stand-UpGanger 62 k8 dager siden
3:24The Avett Brothers: I Go To My Heart
The Avett Brothers: I Go To My HeartGanger 52 k9 dager siden
6:43Wheel of Opinions with Ricky Gervais
Wheel of Opinions with Ricky GervaisGanger 363 k9 dager siden
5:26Hashtags: #WorstFirstDate
Hashtags: #WorstFirstDateGanger 360 k9 dager siden
3:57Michael Kiwanuka: You Ain't the Problem
2:05Jimmy Addresses the Violence at the U.S. Capitol
3:30Gwen Stefani: Let Me Reintroduce Myself
Gwen Stefani: Let Me Reintroduce MyselfGanger 242 k11 dager siden
2:38Sturgill Simpson: Life of Sin
Sturgill Simpson: Life of SinGanger 62 k12 dager siden
4:25Jhené Aiko ft. Nas: 10k Hours
Jhené Aiko ft. Nas: 10k HoursGanger 94 k29 dager siden
4:21The Voidz: Alien Crime Lord
The Voidz: Alien Crime LordGanger 182 kMåned siden
4:08Marcus King: Wildflowers & Wine
Marcus King: Wildflowers & WineGanger 87 kMåned siden
4:15One-Second Pixar Quiz with Tina Fey
One-Second Pixar Quiz with Tina FeyGanger 574 kMåned siden
7:51Tina Fey Saved a Man’s Life
Tina Fey Saved a Man’s LifeGanger 386 kMåned siden
3:52Jack Harlow: Rendezvous/Way Out Medley
5:33Mimic Challenge with Kristen Wiig
Mimic Challenge with Kristen WiigGanger 624 kMåned siden
3:35Lana Del Rey: Let Me Love You Like A Woman
4:32FINNEAS: Another Year
FINNEAS: Another YearGanger 79 kMåned siden


  • The Girl Scouts can afford an office in a Trump building in Manhattan? Glad they're leaving, but I will never buy another cookie from them!

  • Bill burr and super nanny

  • "No other reason..." Glad they let him keep that in 🤣

  • Ok it is stupendious

  • Jimmy is such a good host he keeps things alive and I genuinely think he loves his job him and so does james

  • Trump is the greatest president ever, you fools will pay with your wallets .

  • 1:58 the part you may have came for

  • Jimmy’s funny hair. 😁

  • love you millies

  • “I guess, since your my guest, you should go first.” That’s not a thing you should do on a talk show

  • It looks like a black pen on a dark wall...does he really think people are going to peer closely just to see his signature? Well, I guess knowing Trump supporters, they actually might.

  • Black excellence. Periodtttt

  • Guys at 6:03 Jimmy wasn´t annoyed by the hand touch. He was upset because he spoilert something, than Rami touches his hand and after he looked at his hand, he continued his reaction about the spoiler he said. It has nothing to do with touching the hand.


  • My favorite ones was the one that describes the bachelor and Gilmore girls. 😅

  • she was 12 in this video

  • Sorry, Ariana got the role

  • Okay. What is the right accent then? Let's go one step further. Why has English been used if the characters are not from Earth? These f+cking annoying people always complaining about irrelevant issues. SW was never supposed to be a realistic sci-fi movie or tv show, was it?

  • She is so good omg!

  • Jimmy fallon is the best

  • Fallon, without Trump to beat on, you will not have a career going forward. Carson would not be happy about you having this gig.

  • I always hated worrying about passwords

  • Love seeing that TDS hasn't even lessened.

  • I watched this like 10 times and still don’t know what they are talking about

  • She ate this up


  • I love how hes part of the star wars universe now and roasts it so well, only him and Harrison Ford 😂

  • Bill Burr is the absolute worst, he ruined the Mandalorian. You just know he uses the N and F word on a regular basis.

  • he has the smallest teeth ever

  • Speaking of kiwi... her Aussie has hints of Kiwi

  • Jimmy reactions look all fake. I don’t like the fact that he is trying so much for money to show us he enjoys all these different shit.

  • Fallon stick to the other thing you aren’t good at, comedy. You can’t hold a candle to any of the greats. And the greats didn’t divide the country they brought us all together with laughter.

  • Rose acts awkwardly smug and ostentatious.

  • This isn't a real story, the only purpose of this story is to make you hate people you don't know.

  • I'm not afraid 🙂💔 who said i'm afraid ! I'm not afraid ! I'M NOT AFRAIIIIIID !!!!!!! 🙂💔

  • This guy reminds me of hans landa

  • Ich hab das Wort „Waldeinsamkeit“ noch nie in den Mund genommen

    • wollte einfach nur eine random sache schreiben, damit jeder weiß ICH BIN DEUTSCH!!

  • My gran taught me to eat brussel sprouts by telling me that they'll make my farts stronger.

  • Trump pay Giuliani? If you can't do the job then don't take the job!

  • Just wait until she's old enough to obsess over their solo careers as well. Beatlemania is never "just a phase", it only gets worse 😂.

  • harry raps the entire song hermione:YoUrE sAyInG iT wRoNg

  • Who is here in 2021

  • Bahaha. Laughing so much I was crying! 😂😂 And for the record, I'm Australian and I do eat kiwi fruit, but we also call New Zealanders kiwi's

  • I bet that microphone is where the corona virus began.

  • Season 5 of the Trump White House show *canceled* . A great way to wrap up a season.Trump’s own army got him impeached, what a twist, great television!


  • That guy from X factor who accused her of using autotune rn: :O


  • The always memes always make me laugh then i cry silently for approximately 34.865 minutes before i can finally move on again.

  • Frequent Liar Miles....🤣

  • That MK11 shirt though...

  • He is so cool

  • use me as a boton for request to make a full song of this. ⬇️

  • Lol lol lol Get real...I feel so sorry for true Patriots of your country...watching with so much interest and see who will gets the last laugh hooorrraaayyyyy....your show should closed down for good.

  • I love ya bill! Dont be sad!!

  • NBC shouldn't pay you Fallon. I'm sure they thought they were hiring a real entertainer and comedian for a late night host.

  • Fallon is a terrible interviewer. He should know that Ford dislikes talking about his sci fi films.

  • COME ONNNN!!!😍😍

  • I love Mackie 💕💕

  • Fallon is so bad and I can’t even watch....

  • Hilarious! lol

  • why does this unfunny presenter have his hair sticking up at the front?

  • So rudy is going in a path that michael cohen did. Going to jail, then finally wake up and leave trump.

  • JoJo Siwa is actually a good person I don't know why ppl hate on her jeez she's so positive if u have something bad too say shut up fr. no hate

  • How much would it cost to hire Bill Burr to be my uncle?

  • Guys lets stop with jokes and lets be sirius 7_7

  • Rudy know tRump don't pay people....Good for him.

  • anyone here in 2021? little did we know at the time this was posted....

  • the salt shaker!

  • Rico always finds a way to stand out and for that I love her 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Simply blunt and beautiful... what a master of his craft!!!

  • Trump screwed up the country, trump virus 🦠.


  • That synchronized Roots head nod at 4:42 was perfect

  • Momo?

  • Yep STR8 Doppelgängers

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Cool!!! 👍👍👍