Trump Could Face Impeachment…Again | The Tonight Show

Publisert 8. jan.. 2021
Jimmy addresses Trump potentially facing another impeachment trial with less than two weeks left as president.
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Trump Could Face Impeachment…Again | The Tonight Show


  • I love these videos. They are so freaking interesting!?

  • No place else on earth where you can watch a segment on his show called " Lick It For Ten" and then turn around and get important political information, what a world we live in.

  • The impeachment has done exactly what was needed: it paralyzed him and his supporters from whipping up another coup before the inauguration. Otherwise he would have been doing even more harm to the nation.

  • Trump was a HUGE success as a FAKE president. He faked it from day one until day none. He'll go down in history as the first president to get impeached twice and to lose to someone whom he called "a loser." What a great president! He must have failed in history class also since he didn't know that a Great Wall in China didn't work and thought that building one here would keep foreigners out! @hURM (Is America Christian?). @MPaQ (False Prophets and Fake Presidents).

    • Jimmy jimmy jimmy...... has to talk all that trash to keep his job... Stephen Colbert’s little brother.

  • AMERICAN PATRIOTS, PLEASE STAND DOWN in respect of our soldiers in Washington.

  • Ten minutes of ads for other shows.

  • America just squandered what could be our last best chance to get America back on its feet, I'm a democrat and truly believes this election was cheated and stolen by us and am not proud of it at all...

  • Is Jim drunk?

  • That piece of crap almost stole Olive Garden from me! Luckily I’m very forgetful and hardly go there anyways, lol!

  • 11:11 👋👋🌹💋💋💋 The Congress enjoyed the first season of “The Impeachment” so much, they announced the second season starting to air on Monday 😏

  • Your casual ad placement of Peacock and Gangs of London was slightly more tasteful than you tousling the orange man's hair to make his fascist lunacy more palatable to the general public. Kudos, I guess...

  • Why does his trump impersonation sound like Marlon Brando doing a Trump impersonation.

  • I’ve watched a couple videos tonight after having not watched Jimmy Fallon in awhile and I swear he seems a little tipsy. Not blaming the guy - we live in a circus - but just curious if anyone else thinks this.


    • Imagine being known for this, twice. Lmao

  • He is so fake have you seen him bakstage

  • Shut yo bitch ass up!

  • As he once said about himself, "Donald J. Trump, the J. stands genius!"

  • Out of the two Jimmys, Kimmel is by far the best! His monologues are smart and funny...this guy is like a horrible experience in a cheap stand up comedy night! He just make stupid jokes and waits for his musicians to laugh and the laughing recorded sounds to appear in post production...really, no good! 🙈 I just watched bc it showed up in the suggested videos after watching Kimmel’s monologues and I so much regretted!

  • Jimmy jimmy jimmy...... has to talk all that trash to keep his job... Stephen Colbert’s little brother.

  • In fact he faced 3 or 4 impeachments since in power.

  • Why is Jimmy starting to dress like Ellen lol

  • This stupid clown forgot to mentioned that 75 MILLION AMERICANS voted for this great President!

  • Chaos... very much like I long ago predicted Trump would incite this month, sadly enough. Even if he had no intention of causing such a major disgrace... that simply means he was too oblivious of what would happen by telling his followers so many lies in which will turn them into an angry mob, therefore is very much a failure not to able to simple see that all stirred up right in front of his very eyes.

  • The Congress enjoyed the first season of “The Impeachment” so much, they announced the second season starting to air on Monday 😏

  • Impeachment = accusation. Trump has been Impeached twice sure, but found not guilty the first time and is likely to be found not guilty the second.

  • Fuck you

  • Jimmy I used to like you but not now since you disrespect trump like that

    • Democrats want to impeach Trump because they know that he won the 2020 election. So they are afraid that he will make a comeback in 2024. If they are confident that Trum

  • HOPE FOR YOU WHO SO DEARLY LOVE TRUMP!! Mike Lindell is making a line of bed pillows with Donald Trump's likeness..BIG AND PLUMP...You can admire TRUMP in your OWN way....Fondle his little mushroom.. Available with vibrating lips. Never be alone. LOVE DONNY AGAIN!!!

  • Trump is and will continue to be president of the United States. Whip the whip at the end and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to his support all over the world !!! And don't forget that Democrats in the United States are laughing at the world, and that they falsified the election is their last nail in the coffin. A stumbling horse kicks in all directions (Biden)

  • Imagine being known for this, twice. Lmao

  • Boy its a good thing he's trying to make America great again. Where would we be without rioting? Canada wants their own wall built

  • I miss the old Jimmy they stayed out of politics , sad really and honestly I've lost so much respect for him .


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  • The one term most often used in a group think tank on the liberal agenda . Racist, .Communist leaning thinking. The stifling of freedom of speech or thought, intellectually at a pre school level

  • "Peacock is actually really good...Im telling you." Uh huh...because you're not just saying that because your show is on NBC and NBC owns Peacock. Right.

  • Fuck all trumptards

  • Jimmy without trump your show will suck just like you

  • What will Communist pigs like Fallon talk about when Trump leaves office? His show will Tank.

  • I think its time to stop spreading the hatred. Let the house deal with it. Time to heal. Spread good vibes. Thats what we need now.

  • Love you Trump, let the silly bastards have their way.

  • You don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Your jokes about Trump are really stupid. You have lost any sort of credibility

  • Democrats want to impeach Trump because they know that he won the 2020 election. So they are afraid that he will make a comeback in 2024. If they are confident that Trump Lost, then it implies that the American people don't like Trump ,Therefore the Democrats need not fear Trump's re-election in 2024. No need to waste time and energy to impeach Trump , if Demonstrats are very confident

    • 1.6K MAGgots have downvoted this video.

  • 😷Many prisoners are dieing of Covid19 every day. This includes people awaiting trial. Who are innocent until proven guilty. The medical care is stretched thin and prevented measures are few and far inbetween and hospitals are filling up. Many more mother's, father's, daughters, sons, and families will die in the criminal justice system unless we write our governor's and parole boards in each state. Let us as one voice speak the truth of what's going on inside the prisons. As family's of inmates and past inmates that have been released. Please make people aware of maltreatment and lack of medical care for inmates. This includes correctional workers who don't have enough PPE and are afraid of contracting Covid-19. who's protocols keep changing creating unsafe situations for the prisoners and the gaurds. please post and make videos and write your governor's and politicians. Those who are incarcerated cannot speak up for themselves and those who have died wrongfully will have a voice. In Utah the elderly unit of 28 men. Have already had twelve of them die and more to come 😢 I was also part an article in Utah by the Deseret News

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  • The shameful thing is there's no mention of America's shitty gun laws. Oh i forget it the 5th amendment right. To have gun even if 5 people die. Even from the same country doing the same thing shows America won't change.

  • This is so American!

  • And this just makes me sick. Now I see Jimmy Fallon a totally different person. I never thought he would bring hate to his videos. But look at him now!

  • No matter what anyone says I I will always be a Trump supporter cause I believe he can make America great. And when the BLMG burned our flag. Trump was there for USA. And he is also donating money to churches. And he built us a wall to keep us safe. But now Biden is tarring it down. And just because you don’t like Trump doesn’t mean you have to make him look bad. He is human too. I would be embarrassed to be one of those people making hate videos. God bless Trump and god bless America. Cause all we can do now is pray.

  • Did Three Congressman Help Plan The Capitol Insurrection? Share the link

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  • Google Trump's white power sign that he flashes in the disguise of the okay hand sign

  • I feel like this is all a really intense season final to the shit show that has been America’s most ridiculous season yet

    • This was not a RIOT. This was a coup

  • The second impeachment would make a shameless feel shameful once more.

  • What gives you the right? Of all the people who are unqualified for criticizing that man, it's you. You were an enabler to this craziness when you decided to ruffle his hair, so get lost.

  • Pence by not invoking the 25th Amendment you told donald you are a coward. You may have saved your family from his base today but at any time, for any reason, donald will turn on you again & his cult members will possibly kill you anyway? Remove the SOB now!!

  • 1.6K MAGgots have downvoted this video.

  • Your jokes about Trump are really stupid. You have lost any sort of credibility

  • Fallon, I used to watch your show religiously. No more!

  • brainwashed tds victims as far as the eye can see.... Didnt you ALL get the memo? ya SORRY A##ed communist liberals

  • I'm sure he had memorized the lines he was saying throughout his "NICE" and "UTOPIAN" speaeeech😬😬😬😜😜😝

  • Such an awesome video!

  • Nice, I can appreciate some good jokes too! This video is cracking me up! Love the videos and I’m sure you would love ours too. Going to support you hopefully you can do the same back! If you tryna collab or talk business direct message me on Instagram @servidiohs

  • ....and on 1/11/21 Fallon had under 1 million viewers. Fallon could face termination.

  • Elected once, impeached twice and divorced three times

    • Trump) fyi Trump didn’t take handouts so he could be controlled

  • He's untouchable. Need to speak to Tony Soprano?


  • Lovely. ❤

  • This was not a RIOT. This was a coup

  • Why Pelosi wants to impeach the President? She's trying to save her ass, but it's too late. Watch general Thomas McInerney explaining what happened on jan

  • This will be the 40th or 41st try to impeach him, right ?

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  • this might be dumb... 1. if trump pardons himself can he still get impeached? 2. if trump pardons himself and then gets impeached, does the pardon get undone?

  • Someone needs to tell that kid sitting behind the desk that Presidential elections are decided by fraud and bullets. Nothing new here folks......move along

  • Trump returning the rental car (country) it would be a banana box on rollerskates.

  • So the only real objective to impeach Trump is to prevent him from ever being able to have a second term? I believe the democratic system was meant for the PEOPLE to decide on such questions through elections?

  • Oh and Jimmy Fallon is the least funniest guy on the tucking planet, how did he get a show

  • Anyone remember when joe Biden thought his sister was his wife and his wife was his sister, and called his wife his husband, lmfao no joke, really happened! And when he thought he was running for senate against George Bush! A true Democrat Brainless! The funny thing is you fucking sheep clowns voted for him! He is like fakebook,Twitter,Google and NOlong, they have one foot in the Grave and the other on a Banana peel, if Biden was Indian his nickname would be WALKING Eagle because he is so FULL of SHIT he CAN’T FLY

    • our best interests in mind that is a group of people who hate you

  • Watch Hillary’s America documentary Death to a nation Trump card Plot against a president Social Dilemma Brad Meltzer Decoded mafia, Alive ( to see why trump wanted the Wall!!! A must watch Infidel Adam runs everything IQ test NOlong California tent city and California garbage Look up mayor Lori lightfoot wanting to raise property tax, gas tax, tax your pay check income and and make you pay for every mile you drive! She even wants to raise Parking meters and if you go 5 miles over the speed limit you get a hundred dollar ticket.... Biden publicly said he wants to raise taxes, everyone knows Pritzker fair tax proposal was really a way to get you out of a set tax bracket that was set in stone so he could have freedom to tax the shit out of you later! All if the mean time Trump said he wants to lower taxes! But the sheep Democrat following who don’t keep up with daily events keep voting for Democrats to run their city like Chicago bitch then flee to republican ran indiana lmfao, and like insanity they keep doing it! No fucking joke! You can’t make this shit up, stranger than fiction, I know! That’s what I call you make your own bed shut the fuck up and lay in it

  • Democrats violent history is deep! No wonder they want to burn emails, burn history books and tear down statues and monuments of racist Democrats of the past, they want to tear down Lincoln statues because it gives republicans to much credit! They fly planes in buildings to get rid of evidence and even kill 4 Republican Presidents because of civil rights movements they even hit a republican politian over the head knocking him out over a civil rights argument, shit the only Democrat (JFK) assisinated was because he was like Trump/Lincoln and was a black sympathizer and tried starting a civil rights movement ( like Lincoln) and went against the billionaire elite trying to control the world( like Trump) fyi Trump didn’t take handouts so he could be controlled

  • you guys realize it wont work right he wont be impeached

  • Didn’t AOC tweet for her fellow Democrats to keep their cities shut down, So Trump loses the Election! Hmmmm

  • Didn’t this clown do black face??? Typical Democrat

  • Didn’t make enough sense, if you google it takes to straight to Joe Biden’s campaign, things that make you go hmmmm

  • Democrats started the KKK, Trail of Tears, segragation,little rock 9, Tulsa massacre, Hollywoodland, IQ test to sterilize blacks to keep their population under control, planned parenthood in minority towns to control minority population, defund cops that hurts minority neighborhoods most, dropped of bricks so white Antifa members could help destroy minority neighborhoods,abortion up to baby born,men in girls washrooms,mask mandates so if your kid or parents die you can’t see them or be with them, keep economy shut down some small businesses fail and big businesses make more money so they could raise prices even more, fucking genius! NOlong California tent city, NOlong California garbage.... all Democrat ran!!! No wonder they have rolling blackouts....Hitler use to be obsessed with how Democrats did shit, he loved how Democrats hung black people and silenced white Sympathizers by threatening their family ( sounds like Micheal Flynn), No wonder Hitler wanted the world to be only blonde hair, blue eyes people and silenced Holly Scholl, sounds like republicans being silenced today on big Tech, but at least we have PARLER, oh wait shit they silenced that too! At least we have the President oh wait they silenced him too! Democrats today at least will never threaten or bully people oh wait they hire Antifa to threaten people at restaurants, in schools and bussiness and they even get bricks delivered by Democrat politians to kill you with and light your bussiness on fire and if you think police will save you they were told to stand down, no national guards either, if you pull your gun you go to jail, while the person trying to kill you gets bailed out by Democrat politians

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  • I wouldnt say I was a fan or followed you much but if your show was on I'd watch. Unfortunate your taking the coward attack on trump which is exactly what the left did for months and where was your outcry then? Sucks you have such a wide reaching voice and your using it to jump on the mindess political bandwagon. I'm done with you minions being controlled by your networks. You don't have a clue

  • What's it to you, comedian?

    • Fallon is really stupid. If you want to watch real comedy you should see Donald Trump.

  • The first week of 2021 was quite a year.

  • Fool.

  • HEY #pelosi #mcconnel HE spent $8+ million of citizens #funds, raised millions for #recount and only paid filing fees, laxed judgement in calling naional security , #watched riot joyfully as it unfolded on tv, need i say more? Cause i got more.. #amend #impeachment #congress #charge pence for looking other way, #trump going to apologize pull him in then turn on him again. The crowd is still after pence, trump still didnt say #pence did the right thing #25th #amendment #cabinet #quit #homeland #security #rip #officer #took #his #own #life CURRENT IMPEACHMENT IS NOT DETAILED ENOUGH, IS THAT WHY FIRST IMPEACHMENT FAILED🙏.....

  • How about reading the 14th Amendment and at least educate yourself before craking jokes..........

  • Having a rogue president doesn’t make the US a banana republic. The fact that Mr. T&^%$ is still in office 6 days after inciting insurrection make the US a third world country and not worth being called a civilized country anymore.

  • government is evil and if you subscribe to any particular political party you are complicit in the evil and the murder that they have committed and you have blood on your hands all government is evil incarnate so whether you're a Democrat or Republican the fact that you call yourself such means that you are a complicit piece of crap, when the hell are you people going to wake up and realize that these political parties are pitting us against each other so that they can take away our freedoms and you're letting it happen Democrats and Republicans are the two sides of one singular coin this was their plan all along to get us fighting amongst ourselves so that they could do all the s*** they wanted to do, do you realize before they even passed a covid relief bill they had increased their own paychecks and bolstered their own health insurance that is not a group of people that have our best interests in mind that is a group of people who hate you

    • Biden and Trump supports don't wants to listen. Garbage in garbage out every 4 years. I think they're thinking same action might lead to a different outcome some day.

  • taking a peaceful walk inside a public building is a coup?

    • Peaceful? 🤣🤣

  • Bad Leader ship? Mr. Trump is a great Preisent that loved us regular American people. See u snd Hollywood didn't need him So u guys made fun of him. While yall was laughing at him. Us regular American people were falling in love with our president. U guys TV never said stop burning down these towns. Stop putting down thst statue. On the 6th that was not trump supporters. We are just nice people that loved singing our Christen songs at Trumps rallys. But u and the news went on TV and put the blame on Mr Trump and us regula American' people Trump lnows what he is doing. But I always thought the cheater lost because he cheater Biden that is.

    • But sleeps a lot more than sleepy Joe.

  • You should stick to comedy and stay out of Politics. Your views are extremely Liberal. Stop blaming Trump as that was not incited by him in any way! The left has you fooled along with the others.

    • He told to come in peace but you and your friends attacked everybody including police officers.

    • @Sunil Nair What are you talking about? Made no sense at all. These Liberals made up that Trump incited these Riots. He said come in Peace! Watch the video and you will hear. That was clearly not inciting any violence. If anything it is being investigated that the left had Antifa in that crowd to then blame Trump. These Democrats are truly evil. Stop watching so much mainstream media news as you are another brainwashed American by the left. It’s unbelievable that when all these Riots were happening in these Democratic states, not one Democrat spoke up against it. Complete lunacy!

    • And you should also stick out of it instead of being a hippocrat and inciting riots on someone's orders.

  • Hannity: "Is there an Olive Garden on the Mount of Olives?"

  • He should be in prison, along with numerous senators, law enforcement officers....

    • And insane people especially Oanon supporters and Trump supporters should be in mental asylum for believing crap and inciting riots.

  • Even Fallons political material is trash.

    • But better than Trump and his supporters' idiocy.