Jimmy Addresses the Violence at the U.S. Capitol

Publisert 6. jan.. 2021
Jimmy addresses the armed insurrection at the U.S. Capitol Building.
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Jimmy Addresses the Violence at the U.S. Capitol


  • In September the 11th the hijackers of flight 93 didn't succeed crashing the jet into the Capitol... today trump supporters completed Bin Laden's job...

  • “ *Fine, I’ll do it myself* ” - Thanos


  • Fuck this guy

  • Great Video...cheers bud!!!?

  • Bad leadership is coming, silent voices are going two lead to a one voice Government tell me how that’s worked for other countries. Stop being blinded conservative people are good people trying to live in peace don’t label us. We love our country too!

  • According to Nielsen’s final ratings, the Monday, January 11 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon drew just 1.063 million viewers, the fourth-lowest audience ever for an original episode of the late night show. And this is the shit that happens when you post videos like this.

  • And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. ( Thank you Taylor) And Thank you Jimmy Fallon for being the voice of reason during these very uncertain times.

    • Thank you so much for this video!!!?

  • America: “We’re the greatest!” World: “You were never that great”

  • Now, there's one thing you might have noticed I don't complain about: politicians. Everybody complains about politicians. Everybody says they suck. Well, where do people think these politicians come from? They don't fall out of the sky. They don't pass through a membrane from another reality. They come from American parents and American families, American homes, American schools, American churches, American businesses and American universities, and they are elected by American citizens. ~ George Carlin ~

  • Thank you, Jimmy.

  • You didn't say anything when they burned down Minneapolis ya robot 🤖..


  • Years of far left riots, silence, some right wingers copy them once and it's the end of the world. The only valid complaint here is cultural appropriation. Or, maybe, we could treat all rioters like the criminals they are instead of basing the reaction on which side's conspiracy theories they subscribe to.

  • Jimmy/ ... it's happening because of ALL the built-up tension caused by the Democrats which you support and "bow" to. The terrorists are, in fact, the Democrats with help from antifa and blm... but you will not say that. It's sad you have become such a weak-minded "fool"

  • Thank you 🙏🏾

  • I hate Colbert he’s so disingenuous. Yeah if you’re grandfather was here he’d literally be considered a NAZI by modern standards 😂😂😂

  • How is this happening? You played with Trumps hair. Don’t play nice with evil people.

  • Where was you mouth jimmy when Blm and antifa were burning cars and businesses looting, physically attacking people? I guess since the mob was considered trump supporters this fits your convenience... Don t try to act like all of the sudden you condone violence when you most likely were cheering on the other groups choices ok. Stop acting fake for once in your life.

  • You're a fucking moron

    • Oiy. This from the guy who helped get Trump elected.

  • "Enter quote of a man that lived over 100 years ago" 2021

  • "Give Peace A Chance"-John & Yoko Lennon

  • Wanna help? Stop being a devider!

  • stick to dancing and singing you clown

  • President elect at the moment socialist!

  • Jimmy you helped this capital mess! Your not about this Country....your constantly mocking and bullying , ruining peoples beliefs to be republican. We all deserve to appreciate Trump. A few jerks ruin our movement ....but why is everything that unfolds innour country put blame to Trump??? Your show sucks ass ! And you can kiss mine.

  • please note all the antifa soldiers who were running the show with sheep dog tactic 101,hong kong trained.wave the enemies flag,dress like the enemy,except for the shoes and acab stickers on helmets and work the crowd into a mob.no fact checking here.

  • *21.114 dislikes?? really??*

  • FO AO. Bashed President Trump for 4 years and now he's calling for enough. Maybe he'll bash Biden every night and make fun of his stuttering or his age - don't think so. Typical Holywood butt wipe. And yes I can spell so don't bother me.

  • Why The hell would we want to hear from this celebrity alcoholic. I do condemn any violence, I’ll make that point clear first. These actors aren’t worth the air they breathe when it comes to their opinions on anything, their job is just to be someone that they’re not and entertain us. He is paid to push an agenda. I’m so tired of any celebrity or athlete that has anything to say about anything real. The sad thing is that all of us Americans love each other no matter of anything, just like wars, it’s in the best interest of these worthless people to divide us.

    • You're just upset that your favorite celebrity never wrote back to you after the several letters you sent him or her

  • You should invite John Earle Sullivan on your show and ask him about who incited the riots.

  • Heard your shows doing real well Fallon .. loser

  • Circus and Clowns.

  • Oiy. This from the guy who helped get Trump elected.


  • I see many people here making fun of what is a sensitive subject. I truly hope for you not be passive about acts that strip your country of its essence and what it stands for.

  • Hey man I agree Im disgusted to and i think those were Antifa

  • 4 years of democrats burning down the country was a peaceful transition ?

  • Inside Job: Just Like 9/11

  • Sorry Jimmy, but this is what America is all about. Has been all along, since the founding, this country has been about racism and class loyalty.

  • The roughly 20 % that gave a thumbs down are those still believing the false stolen election line trump and Republican enablers were pushing. All of the Elected officials that helped spread that falsehood have blood on their hands.

  • First time Jimmy looks so depressed

  • i support the Tatanka Yotanka(boss bison) man.in near future he will get his own stamp.

  • This guy is so fake

  • the fallen of USA !

  • Bad Leadership??? Come on...who finished War with Iran? Who thinks about 'America first'??? How much manipulation is in this video...

    • Hey Jimmy....didnt see you condemn the murder and violence from the riots last summer. Why is that?

  • Yes, these are difficult times. Remember, we are all in this together, right?

  • "A kingdom divided against itself shall not stand" - Jesus Christ

    • @Israeli what false things did I speak?

    • @Damon Hicks instead of complaining and speaking false things, run to JESUS. He can seriously heal you.

    • @Israeli yes he encouraged so many otherwise peaceful people to murder their fellow man. How many women burned or drowned for being a witch when they were begging for mercy and denying the claims. How many homosexuals have been tortured and killed for being born gay and commanded to be straight. Why did god make us be born so flawed that our genitals need to be sawn on with a sharp rock for us to be worthy. I could go on all day because Jesus came not for peace but for war if you believe in him and we are not worthy of him unless we HATE our own family and follow him down to the cemetery to protest the funerals of soldiers and say they died cause god hates them. I was a devout Christian for 40 years of my life so I know all the lies of the Bible and all the BS you would say to trick me into coming back into your fantasy land of make believe. And you call me a troll for using your own so called truths against you in hopes that you would realize that god doesn’t exist.

    • @Damon Hicks you seem to just be a troll instead of being serious. Why do you think that this is a smart thing to do? You don't have anything better to do than to be a troll? You do realize that Jesus changed so many people??

    • ​@Israeli I did and my brain supernaturally recalled this verse. Jos 10:14 There has never been a day like it before or since, a day when the Lord listened to a human being. Surely the Lord was fighting for Israel! This is when the bible totally goes against the heliocentric model of the planets and says that a man of god was having such fun murdering people that he asked God to stop the sun in the sky so he could continue his genocide and it says that this was the one and only time God EVER listened to a man. So if the bible is true then me asking God to reveal himself to me is a waste of my time because god isn't a DJ that takes requests. But I took it a step further and tried to meet him halfway. I went into my backyard and shook my dick at the sky shouting, "I have revealed myself to you, please reveal yourself to me oh great teabagger in the sky!" As of yet God hath not dippeth his balls upon mine forehead. I'll let you know if that changes. Shalom!

  • They in Hollywood are all traitors to the people and they play acting roles whenever they are called upon, especially this fake character!!!

  • Totally blown out of proportion, this was the most obvious rigged election in History and people . Mockery!! That’s what this is!! This traitor also plays Joaquin Castro the politician from TX!! Wake up !! It’s not a lookalike, same voice , head , eyes, take a good long look!! We need. Revolution to get rid of a failed system of tainted power that deceives all of us each and every day.

  • It is my hope, and indeed the hope of many. That a better America shall emerge out of the horrors and tragedy brought against us. That a new America will rise and show the true meaning of the first name of our country, United.

  • To the people who say Abraham Lincoln is racist in the comment sections.... Get off of social media and go study history, uneducated DIRTBAGS!

  • Impeachment will stop Trump from ever holding federal office again . So this protects the future also.

  • Jimmy, YOU are a disgrace. Calling a pedophile the president does not make it true.

  • Well, how many people around the world lost respect with the USA and ALL of its citizens, last week?

  • Jimmy your wrong! This is how America has always been. What our president (who has been on your show many times) started & encouraged this violence. Be honest Jimmy please! Peace ✌

  • More proof of the fix. 220+ straight days of rioting in Portland...silence even though the entire population city is being terrorized. BLM burns down entire portions of 5 cities. Silence, does not matter that it affected millions in and around those cities. 30-40 people go near those in power? Its the end of the world and all of Hollywood will say we are all in danger. Its clear to see who owns Hollywood...those that dont care about the actual people.

  • After months of cities burning, billions of dollars in damage, businesses destroyed, state buildings and police stations vandalized, and NOW the media and entertainers have a problem with riots?

  • STFU and entertain us. Save your views/comments for your friends and family. Just announce the next guest. Douche

  • Hey Jimmy....didnt see you condemn the murder and violence from the riots last summer. Why is that?

  • This sounds so forced stfu liberal

  • Stfu

  • Anqueefa trash

  • South Park just got like 2 season’s worth of content😭😭

  • Biden sucks,can't speak

  • You suck

  • You don't know nothing

  • Bla-bla-bla what a good actor congratulation you won your Mickey medals

    • @opzz xsin hello how are you? Where you from?

    • Wonderful video, my friend! Shine on!?

  • So easy to forget beginning of 2016 you and other celebrities headed on Trump from the beginning the lies from social media and everything you guys are doing your helping to push the fire you are the one to blame

  • Where was this when BLM and Antifa were looting and burning down businesses through out 2020?

    • It's the power of Twitter of damaging brains and doing censorship at the same time, all of this was planned with Twitter.


  • Lol BLM was just a patriotic protest.... jimmy you suck lol

  • Some rich people got a fright? That's interesting, now what about Medicare For All?

  • You're wasting your breath Jimmy...your words are not going to resonate with the opposition. The problem with diversity is that it doesn't work; in fact, it never did, it was a fallacy, an abstraction, a concept of the mind that was being disseminated by the few with a platform. Remember, you can't have two majorities under the same political and financial establishment, it doesn't work, it never did.

  • "Lmao fuck being in America" - The Rest in The World

  • Thanks Jimmy!! We were meant for community and should come together in times like this.. One thing I'm doing right now is trying to raise money for a genetic disorder I have called Neurofibromatosis doing an event called the Cupid's Undie Run.. It's virtual which sucks but it's still something that means the world to me and I'll be damned if I don't try to at least fundraise for it.. If anyone here can help great and if not no hard feelings.. Times are tough for all in some way.. I love you all and God Bless!! my.cupids.org/kj

  • Can someone link me to the videos Jimmy did condemning ANTIFA and BLM burning American cities all summer ? 404 Not Found

  • God tried to turn us from our sins through many rules but it didn't help so he became a man lived a sinless life like a 'game programmer' enter his own powerful avatar to overcome all the bugs and to save the other avatars in the simulation(or exam for good place) by sacrificing his own avatar to help the other avatars to make through the exam, anyone can posses that power when he/she have fAith in Jesus AND HE'S coming back

  • Ty for addressing us on how shriveled your balls have become.

  • Oh. Thank you for your insight Jimmy . . . . . .who ever the fuck you are.

  • But four years of Antifa/BLM rioting, maiming, killing people, burning down businesses etc. including churches in DC in around the U.S. capital buildings that was A-OK!? what kind of screwed up mind does one have to have not to see the hypocrisy. Stop Projecting your racist, sexist attitudes on the whole country Jimmy(I don't have a real job) Fallon.

  • Summer of love and equality 2020 organized by Burn Loot Murder was not enough... huh? Corporate shill.

  • The American Constitution makes it easy to be American, it’s the people that make it hard to be American.

  • The worst thing about America is the people, the best thing about America is the constitution.

  • This man hated Trump from the very beginning and now he speaks well of a man who is for gay marriage and abortion!!

  • Adolph Hilter was Socialist democrat ! never forget ! the left created fascism and concentration camp !!

  • Hey jImmy, did you address the rioting and looting by BLM and Antifa everyday throughout major cities during the summer...

  • Where was your response to the BLM riots?

  • “kachow” - Lightning mcqueen ⚡️🚗 🥸

  • No we were stand by our president latinos for trump 2021

  • The truth is alter there's A-war going on between the truths of God in the lives of the world the flesh and the devil

  • Think twice move once patriots God 1stThink twice move once patriots God 1st

  • You are wrong sir everything is promising Baal but not everything is beneficial

  • American Patriots are the scum of the earth they should be ashamed for what they did at the capital they make look America like idiots, senseless,ignorants, now all the rest of the world think USA is a joke

  • Biden refused to condemn ANY BLM and Antifa violence for months, but oh man, he's so presidential now that he condemns 1 single day of it, as long as it's on the right, right? You people are such sheep lol...

  • Talking about upside down flags... BLM Antifa BURN the flag, lol, is this a skit?? LOL!!!

  • Hmmm, where were these assuring speeches and virtual signals when Antifa and BLM burned down entire city blocks, killed dozens of people, injured 1000's and did 2 billion+ in damages nationwide? Democrisy.

  • Entire world see America differently because of Trump, i new era now begins 👏🏻

  • What did you think about all the rioting in the past months where people looted and burned down business? Did you have a problem with that, or was it just peaceful unrest?

  • You instigated the shit for four years.